This week I had the absolute pleasure of playing the role of ‘Victor’ a kit kat dancer in the show ‘Caberet’ produced by Imaginary Theatricals in Los Angeles, CA. We rehearsed for four days, Monday June 3-Thursday June 6, and had 3 performances June 7, 8 & 9th.

This was my first time acting in a stage production since I was a teenager, and I loved every minute of it. I’ve always felt like the truest version of myself when I’m on a stage creating a moment for the audience.

Live theater has a magic that movies will never have because it’s imperfect, it’s constantly evolving and it’s unpredictable. Performing 2 feet in front of the crowd means there’s no space for fear. You have to embody the character and make the audience invest in you so that you can take them on a journey. It’s all about creating those little moments that they will never forget. It’s the stuff you can’t capture on film- the taste of magic in the air, the way the music fills you up and pours out over everything. It’s dancing my heart out and sharing my joy with everyone in the room. I do things that move me because I want to be moved, changed, evolved. Most of all, I want to entertain you. I am happiest when I am in front of people, responsible for grabbing their hands and showing them a new world, a new story.

We can’t escape who we are, it’s pointless to try. I am an entertainer. It’s in my blood. I was raised on stage. Turning my back on this would be like cutting my own head off- I need to entertain to live.

On Monday when we started I was just so grateful to be a part of the show, and to have the chance to make magic. Today, Sunday, I’m eternally grateful and forever changed because of this show. Every day of rehearsals was exhilarating, I could see stars popping out everywhere, flashes of bright beautiful colors bouncing off my cast mates because everyone was clicking. Every single person on this cast has become a part of my family, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. The level of talent and humility was astounding. This is what a good production is- building each other up, not ripping each other down. We become better when we’re all on the same page helping each other perform our very best.

I’m blown away by everything that happened this week. I’m blown away by having a director who had our backs and never once raised his voice or berated anyone. We came together and created a masterpiece in ONE WEEK.

To my cast mates- Liz, Garrett, Sidney, Josue, Emily, Karla, Jeni, Max, Ashley, Dianne, Elijah, Pamela & Jonnie, Thank you. Thank you for believing in us, and working so hard to make this show happen. Thank you for being authentic and opening up to me, accepting me with open arms. Thank you for allowing me to educate you about my identity, and being willing to listen. I’m so honored to have performed with such incredibly talented, kind human beings. Each one of you has changed me and together you have restored my faith In myself. Thank you for your kind words, tips, and honest opinions about my performance. I am eternally grateful and I am a better man for having known you.

I am grateful for the people, the magic, and the memories. I love you, and I believe in you. I can’t wait to see what everyone does next. I’ll be cheering for you all.

Until we meet again,

-Brodey Bartlett

(Victor, the French Kit Kat Boy)

Instagram @imaginarytheatricals

Published by Brodhi

Brodey Ryan Bartlett is a 30 year old activist, artist, and free spirit. Brodey is a proud transgender man, a proud gay man, and a member of the Queer community. Brodey lives in Los Angeles, California with his partner Bob and his cat, Henry.

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