What being Queer means to me.

QUEER! I fucking love this word. It gave me a home when I was trying to hold it together as a gay transgender man. The word Queer was used to oppress me as a child and now it lifts me up and reminds me of how strong I am.

To me Queer is always capitalized because it stands for everything it costs us to be ourselves. It represents how nothing matters if you’re not honest with yourself. You are who you are, being Queer means we celebrate it.

Being Queer inspires me to lift up my community and celebrate who I am. Being Queer makes me proud of who I am.

Life is much simpler when you’re true to yourself. You have to be who you are or the lies will rot you from the inside. Being Queer frees us from the bondage of heteronormativity.

Being Queer means freedom.

-Brodey Bartlett

Published by Brodhi

Brodey Ryan Bartlett is a 30 year old activist, artist, and free spirit. Brodey is a proud transgender man, a proud gay man, and a member of the Queer community. Brodey lives in Los Angeles, California with his partner Bob and his cat, Henry.

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